8 World Cup Free Pubs in Cork and Dublin

I'm not a big football fan so as World Cup fever started to spread, I made a few phone calls. If you want to know where you can enjoy a pint in Cork or Dublin without grown men and women yelling at a flat screen, these maps might help. 

Locals should be able to call out references to each pub's history or current incarnation, but visitors can check out the key below the images to find out more!



L. Mulligan - Many traditional Irish pubs also operated as grocers, selling essential household items on the side of a pint. The scales is a nod to its past and the hops inside it are a nod to its current craft beer offering.

Gravediggers - "This is a real pub." Possibly the best answer to my inquiring phone call. Kavanagh's, as it is officially known as, is next to Glasnevin Cemetery, hence the nickname.

Cobblestone - Famed for its traditional music sessions, there was only option for this one.

Brew Dock - Close to Dublin's docklands, can you spot the pints?

Cassidy's - If you're fond of freebies, you'll like Cassidy's. Rest a while and you might find packets of Meanies corn snacks and Fizzy Cola Lollies at your table.

Library Bar - Grab a book from the shelves, or bring your own, add a glass of wine and you've got a nice time. You wouldn't even know you're in a hotel bar.

Grogan's - Another incredulous answer to my phone call — just double checking! Stand outside on a sunny day and if you're feeling peckish a cheese toastie with mustard is just the ticket.

The Long Hall - A late addition to the map, The Long Hall were undecided until relatively close to the games beginning. After a poll on Twitter, I got the nod and added their beautiful Wekler & Schlegel clock, which sits above the partition at the end of the bar, and their signature stripes. You'll obviously want to nab the window seat though  best people watching in Dublin. 


Abbot's Alehouse - What else? As head of the monastery, an Abbot might have been in charge of some monastic brewing. If you're looking for craft brews from near and far, look no further.

The Woodford - Bonders Woodford Bourne & Co used to own the building where this gastropub and late bar now resides. The lion is a reference to their logo, which has changed throughout the years.

The Hi-B - With a no mobile phone rule, this pub is a great spot to avoid all sorts of technology in.

Arthur Mayne - A 120 year old pharmacy that's now a tapas and wine bar is a play on the Bowl of Hygieia, the symbol of the pharmacy profession.

Electric - David Bowie fish, why not? With a fish bar, outdoor terrace and no TV policy, this should be a good any weather retreat during the World Cup.

L'atitude 51 -  Marking this classy wine bar is an astrolabe, which is used to measure latitude. Aha!

Callahan's - Don't yell at a TV, yell at a ring board in this lovely cottage pub.

Pigalle - Can can dance your way to this bar which takes its name from red light Quartier Pigalle in Paris.